"If you love what you have then you have everything you need."

Walking my dogs this morning I saw a sign that read, "If you love what you have then you have everything you need." I paused. Inhaled and exhaled. Then smiled. That isn't something I would have seen or even smiled about years ago. I am grateful to be able to look at that sign now and smile for the beautiful truth of it. 

I may not be where I thought I would career wise but in this time away from performing and being inactive on social media, I am finding another level of being. Whether it's playwriting, time at home with my husband and our dogs, connecting with new friends here in Colorado, taking classes or simply enjoying a really good hike and meditation; I am in a good place in my life. The internal peace I had been seeking is found. Sometimes things happen and what may first seem tragic eventually becomes a learned blessing in our lives. I am believing that. 

Despite the world's pain or maybe because of the world's pain, I often times pause and look up at the beauty around us. The sky. The trees. The wind. The ever changing wind. This of course isn't something I had thought to do years ago before making the move to the Pacific Northwest and beginning the journey of learning to love, accept and live. Denver, CO is where I feel the Universe has led us to call home. There is a beautiful majesty to it. And the mountains. One word. Wow. 

I find myself pausing more, looking up and around more, being aware of my breath more and even taking more moments to smell a beautiful flower.  

The other day I saw a very large boulder along one of the hiking trails. I climbed it. Sat and meditated. It was beautiful. My ears and heart tuned to all of nature's life around me. 

May your day be a good one. 

peace and love to us all.