Measure in Love

Yesterday was another beautiful reminder of friendship, laughter and joy. 

I was invited to read a role in a screen play reading that two dear friends wrote, 'I'm Jane'. What a great time. Congratulations Analesa Fisher and Bryce Earhart! They wrote the script and are brilliant young artists who now reside in Los Angeles. I couldn't be more proud of them both. 

After the reading I was able to spend some wonderful quality time with my longtime friend and another extraordinary artist, Karla Mosley, her boyfriend John Rogers and their newborn baby. What JOY it was to sit and spend such great quality time with beautiful friends. Tracie Thoms stopped by, as always, it's so great to see her. Family. 

I then realized I needed to see the new musical by Dominique Morisseau, 'Ain't too Proud' playing at the Ahmanson Theatre. It was absolutely Spectacular. Every part of it.

Derrick Baskin, Ephraim Sykes, James Harkness, Jeremy Pope, Rashidra Scott and everyone in the cast are BRILLIANT ARTISTS. 

I sat there not only beaming for my friends and colleagues on the stage but acknowledging the wonderful accomplishment of all this new musical achieves. The music of course is fantastic. The Temptations. How can it not. But you are not just going for the music and great performances.

The story that has been created and executed so brilliantly by Dominique, Des McAnuff, Sergio Trujillo and every actor on that stage be it through Acting, Singing or Dancing (in no order). I was blown away. And proud for all of these Black men and women making history on that stage. And proud for this brilliant diverse creative team, musicians and company that make up the whole. 

What a time for Art and bringing people together.

Before heading to the airport I stopped off at Tracie's house and, once again, had the time of my life and left inpsired. We all laughed, listened to 90's music in the background, caught up and ate some real good food that Tracie made. I mean. It was Good. 

Tracie then had the idea to do an impromptu photo shoot with her RENT poster. Friday was the 10th Anniversary of our Broadway closing. What an extraordinary full circle experience. I realize I rarely post about Rent, maybe I will start doing that more. I am not on social media so Tracie showed me all of the comments from people. It brought such a smile to my heart hearing all of your stories on how RENT changed your life. It changed mine as well. To go from being a 21 year old making his Broadway debut and our composer friend passes was a lot to take in for all of us but the gratitude is knowing all of the lives Jonathan's show has touched. All for many reasons but Jonathan's work is visceral and I am so glad to know it's been speaking to each new Generation.

Thank you for the love.

I flew home on a 5am red eye and now back home here in beautiful Denver. 

Last week I had the wonderful fortune to see my husband's new production of Oklahoma! set in one of the 50 all Black towns during that time. It's playing at the Denver Center where he is the Artistic Director and director of the show. 

I was blown away by it.  If you are in the Denver area or like to travel to see theatre the show officially opens this Friday September 14 and closes October 14. You won't want to miss it. 

It's stunning. 

Although I won't be returning to musical theatre due to having spasmodic dysphonia, life has moved me in a new direction and I am grateful. I am thankful I can speak clearly again and I feel hopeful about this new life transition.

I'll keep you posted.

Peace and love to us all 

 Tracie Thoms, Me and some of our RENT on Broadway family.  Photo by Eugene Byrd

Tracie Thoms, Me and some of our RENT on Broadway family.

Photo by Eugene Byrd