This weekend was exactly what I needed. My stepmother came to visit us and what a JOY it was. We took her to see Chris’ sensational production of Oklahoma! on Saturday and had a ball. Before I go on I need to say that the food in Denver is exquisite. Every restaurant I’ve eaten in has been absolutely delicious. We all ate at a wonderful restaurant in downtown Denver called TAG. Soooo good. Highly recommend. I took her to the Outlets in Castle Rock. We loved it. We found out that we love shopping together. We caught up and just spent time together. It was wonderful.

I’ve known my stepmother since I was three. Thankfully my father finally settled down in his later years and married this beautiful angel of a human being.

Being conditioned, growing up, to call her Miss Karen, I was always a bit trepidatious to call her mom until it just made sense. My biological mother did not raise my brother and me and was not in the picture growing up in any positive way. Karen was always there even when my father wasn’t. I love this woman as if she birthed me.

Having these few days to spend with her provided us with this new beginning we both dreamed of. She is family and will always be.

I am proud to call her Mom.