Markus Potter

Flame Broiled. or the ugly play. After having a wonderful work session with the play's director yesterday. I spent today completing another new draft revision of the play. The first for 2019.

I am very happy to say my longtime friend, Markus Potter will be directing.

Markus and I met many years ago playing brothers in King Lear and remained close friends. It is such a joy to now be collaborating with him on this play.

Markus directed the Off-Broadway plays Church and State and Stalking the Boogeyman.

With changes that of course will be made each step of the way. I look forward to what's at play.

More to come.

Finished my writing for the day. Now Yoga. Qi Gong, Meditation and a nice hot bath before taking in what's on the TV followed by a book then bed.

Have a great evening everyone.