Damon Webster, Curtis Miller, Monica and Carter Alvarez, Jocelyn Baxter and Zev Resnikov are part of the graduating class of 2018. Forget what the Nation went through, these six go on the most transformative year of their young lives.

Carrying the pain of today and the hope for tomorrow JUST PRESS SAVE is an original interconnected story about six diverse high school seniors coming of age today. 

*JUST PRESS SAVE is a 2018 semi-finalist for the Eugene O'Neill Playwriting Conference.

  *contains strong language, drug use and gun play

*contains strong language, drug use and gun play

JUST PRESS SAVE was originally developed as a musical with my dear friend singer-songwriter Justin Jude Carroll.  Although his music is no longer a part of the play, I owe a great deal to Justin. His belief and support mean the world. Click on his name above to find out more about this beautiful artist, his music, poetry and teacher work. 

So grateful to All who helped on this journey. Endless thanks and love to you.

peace compassion and love to us all.